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Healthy cooking
& eating right.
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and supplements put you on the path toward a healthy life.
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You've found our portal because you, like many others, are looking for ways to be healthier with your diet. Our motto at Clean Cuisine is, "Health is Wealth". Healthy eating habits are the foundation of our motto. It is our purpose with this portal to share information with you that educates and assists you in developing ways to creatively and easily serve healthy meals that you and your family will love.

At Clean Cuisine we believe that an all-encompassing, well rounded approach is the best way to create the healthy meals that will support the healthier you. Everything that goes into a meal; the ingredients, the cookware, the method of preparation, all play a key factor in creating a healthy diet. It is our intention to share information in all of these areas with you.

Visit here often to learn more about:
  • Healthy Cookware - Clean Cuisine is an authorized distributor of the full line of Nutraease™ cookware. Nutraease™ is the ultimate in cooking technology. Nutraease™ products are designed to properly cook food to retain all the natural nutrition and benefits of the food. Beautiful and built to last, Nutraease™ products are essential to helping you cook healthy meals.
  • Blog - Connect to our Clean Cuisine Blog to keep up with new information, products and ideas for how to keep preparing healthy meals.
  • Recipes - We have an extensive archive of healthy recipes that we are adding to all the time. Our recipes cover all areas. Be it a traditional meal, creative vegetarian dishes or savory vegan meals, there is something here for everyone.
  • Healthy Cooking Classes - What could be better than great recipes? How about a classes that show you how to prepare them? Clean Cuisine staff and our partner Chefs will be periodically offering classes on how to prepare fabulous healthy meals.
  • Events - A calendar of events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that are focused on healthy cooking, healthy eating and healthy living.
Clean Cuisine invites you to explore our site. We’re sure you’ll find something beneficial and informative to assist you in developing a healthy diet for you and your family. Thank you for visiting and remember - Health is Wealth!
Clean Cuisine is a family owned and operated NutraEase™ dealership operating out of both Dallas, TX, and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Headed by M. Victor James and his wife, Vivian James, both have become proponents of health and nutrition since hosting their first free dinner in 2008.

Healthy living and eating is something that everyone talks about, but few ever implement it until it’s too late. Our family is no different. Only after my wife suffered a minor heart attack in 2007, my elderly parents moved in with us, and consecutive yearly increases in medical bills, did we begin to believe in the importance of health and nutrition.

We came to understand that health is a direct result of what we eat, and therefore immediately changed to a more nutritious diet. Additionally, we soon discovered that how we prepared and cooked our meals was equally important, since cookware is the last thing food touches before consumption.

Think about it, as kitchens tend to be one of the most expensive rooms in one’s house, cookware is often overlooked as a priority. What unintended materials can cookware add to our food that we never consider? The answer to this question has led us to invest and build Clean Cuisine in order to reach out to as many as we can.